So we had these ideas...

At Fluxman Bros Apparel, we were tired of all the same old same welding related garments with overused catchy phrases, bad taste 1st degree jokes and general lack of imagination. So we sat down and thought about what was not offered and what would be actually cool to wear on any given day! So we crawled back a couple decades where everything was built to last.

More about us.
  • Fluxman Bros Elbow Grease

    Been welding uphill and overhead all day? Use our famous Elbow Grease to boost your welding skills up to 40%

  • Telebolt 3000

    Tired of tripping over hundreds of feet of welding cables while working, The all new -Fluxman Bros Telebolt 3000- got the new tech you need! Go WIRELESS with our new Wirescape technology!

  • Attack of the Weldbots of Tomorrow

    We, welders, heard many time over the years that robots will eventually replace us. Even if we know it can’t be true, it wouldn’t happen as we think…